The Video-Dance Festival intends to constitute a platform that will allow dance and video artists to integrate dance art forms with the arts of cinematography and video, and for the audience to enjoy a broad selection of Video-Dance films and films that deal and explore the moving image.

Furthermore, the Festival wishes to become a resource that will allow artists from various art disciplines, such as plastic art, installation, video art, animation and digital media, an opportunity to discover the world of Video-Dance and to further investigate the exhilarating connection between the screen and the moving image.

We strongly believe that a rich and diverse Festival will promote the arts in Israel and found a base for dialogue between Israeli artists and artists from around the globe, and will attract audience that will indulge in the exciting world of film, dance and movement.

Mailing Address:

Vidance - International Video Dance Festival, Tel-Aviv
Tel-Aviv Cinematheque
2 Sprinzak St.
Tel-Aviv, Israel


Vidance your way to:

  • Screenings of video-dance and documentary films made by Israeli and International artists. The films will be arranged according to a theme and/or a common idea.
  • As part of the Festival goal to collaborate with artists from abroad, some of the films will be selected by artists and producers of like festivals from around the world.
  • Screenings of films that involve and explore dance, movement and the moving image.
  • An International competition that will hand a prize to the best video-dance film.
  • Master class workshops led by International artists, which will offer the artists attending a closer look of the art of video-dance and an intensive introduction to the work of the artist providing the workshop.
  • An exhibition of video-dance works and installations at the Cinematheque.
  • A live performance which integrates dance, digital media and video-dance at the Cinematheque court.
  • Lectures delivered by artists and universities and collage professors in collaboration with academic art institutions, which will examine different aspects of video-dance and relating art forms.
  • The audience and visitors will enjoy the opportunity to meet with local and international artist that will share with the crowd insights of their work process, the nature of their art form etc.

The Vidance Vision…

The Festival aspires to establish, promote and develop the video-dance field in Israel and the study of the connection between film, video, dance and movement.

The Festival believes in the advantages of exposing the Israeli crowd and artists to films, video-dance works and documentary films made by international artists and in the importance of a dialogue between Israeli and international artists.

The dance and video-dance scenes are rapidly changing and the Festival will put a great effort in showing contemporary and innovative works.

The Festival is only a starting point… Therefore, the intention of the organizers of the Festival is to actively promote video-dance screenings, exhibitions and publication of essays concerning the moving image, art and video dance through out the year.

The Festival wishes to become an address of support, both financially and artistically, for artists interested in video-dance.

… In achieving this vision, we believe that the festival will turn out to be a yearly celebration of wonderful and exciting video-dance works that are made by artists all year round.