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Ov has been active since 2002 as a point of exchange for ideas, fantasy, fiction and non-fiction between original, bold writers around the world and the Israeli public and vice versa - between Israeli writers and the public abroad.
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or write to Ov, P.O.B. 20559, IL-6120402 Tel Aviv, Israel.

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Hebrew Prose

Yiftach Ashkenazy / Tales of My Dying Town

The new star of the Israeli literary scene, with mesmerizing short stories published to date in this book as well as in three of Israel's leading literary magazines. "Probably the strongest and most daring prose that has appeared in Hebrew in the last several years", says one of the reviews on his inaugural book. The main novella, bearing the same title as the book, tells the story of how different people lead their lives in a state of political and personal chaos. How does it feel being a soldier placed to keep order in the midst of civilian population? What does it take to make an attempt - hopeless, but not naive - to bring about some peace and understanding? What does is mean to get lost in your own home town? Ashkenazy, born in 1980 in Karmiel, a town near Akko, tries to tackle these questions with a voice that is harsh, realistic, and fiercingly human.

German rights sold.

Benny Ziffer / The Literary Editor's Progress

What more can be said about Ziffer, as he is usually called, the literary editor of Ha'aretz and a leading blogger that just has no limits when it comes to the most fundamental myths that normally shape our thoughtless being? Well, he was born in Tel Aviv in 1953, and in his latest novel he experiences some of the most extraordinary events that can possibly occur, both in this world and in the one beyond. But he has a long way to go before he dies and becomes a saint: he has to work in the newspaper, try not to get sacked, fulfil some of his extreme, darkest, most dubious fantasies, and above all -- publish his own posthumous legacy while still alive. "A brilliant, juicy, entertaining book", writes Sami Michael in Ha'aretz. "Outrageous in the good sense of the word", writes Merav Manoach in NRG. And even the critic Menachem Ben, his rude rival according to the book, could not help praising him: "This Ziffer is incredible... I love you, Ziffer."

Alon Avidar / Warrior 61

This is the first novel for Alon Avidar, a multi-talented producer from Tel Aviv. Roy Harris is a successful creative director in a leading advertising company in Tel Aviv. But in secret he leads a double life, and also works as an exterminator in the service of the "System" - an intelligence agency supposedly maintained by the state, but in reality with a life and interests of its own. Roy is called back to the "System" several years after he quit, and he soon finds himself facing a chain of unbelievable, fascinating, albeit questionable, experiences all over the world. On top of all that, Roy has a far more burning mission to complete - to get back to his Native American roots, as someone who had actually grown up as a child with the Hopi tribe of Arizona. The story unfolds across a variety of cities and continents - from the coffee shops of Tel Aviv and Amsterdam to the production studios in Hungary, from the Burning Man festival in Nevada to the Hopi reserve in Arizona. The worlds of advertisement, intelligence, and Indian mysticism fuse into a story in which any resemblance to reality is not necessarily accidental...

Yiddish Poetry

Malka Loker / Lider (Poems)

A special bilingual (Yiddish-Hebrew) edition of a selection of poems by the modernist Yiddish poet Malka Loker (1887-1990).

Rights available through Ov.

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